So, here it is... finally. Took me a couple of weeks to plot it. Then years to find the time to write it. A lot of people ran through my life in those years: Some are still in it and will hopefully like this story and the way I tell it. Some are no longer around: My parents, whom I sorely miss, were both avid readers but unfortunately only lived long enough to read part one; “Friends” - both male and female - who forgot the meaning of the word friend; Business friends who ultimately saw me only as a means to feed their personal greed; Lovers who came and went for reasons not as complicated when viewed from the distance; and the One I shouldn’t have let get away.


When I’ve told people I was writing a novel, I have universally been asked two questions: What is it about? And: Is it about you? Answers: You will just have to read it to find out... but if I had to, I would sum it up in the words of one of the characters: “... All we can do is always be honest, be good to those we care for, and try to finish whatever we’ve started before we go.” My guy MacKenzie realizes that for him, that third part is something he can no longer ignore. And no, it isn’t about me... but you do write what you know, and that’s what I’ve done.


With one notable exception, the locations, streets, buildings, every place in which this story takes place is real, and I have made every effort to accurately describe them. And if you think you recognize someone, then I have stimulated your imagination... really, all the characters are purely fictional... but as I said, I’ve written what I know.