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A romantic action suspense tale, of character and indomitable spirit in a man who never misses the humor as he searches for where he belongs in an unpredictable life. 

Conor MacKenzie has a problem. From all outward appearances, he has a good life: plenty of money, a wry sense of humor, a rich and breathtaking young girlfriend, a great house on the ocean, work he enjoys. But his soul is not at peace. For ten years, he has had a recurring nightmare about his past. His ex-wife died horribly, he left questions unresolved, and early one summer morning a grisly discovery on his private beach prompts him to finally do something about it.

In the words of his father, "... All we can do is always be honest, be good to those we care for, and try to finish whatever we've started before we go." MacKenzie realizes that for him, that third part is something he can no longer ignore.

Thus we follow as Mac begins a new journey from his past to his future. From his youth on an Ohio farm, to his years in San Francisco and Carmel, to his present in Boca Raton - we listen and watch as he makes his way back to Northern California to face the questions his nightmares keep alive.


Lost family, lost loves, smart beautiful women, good friends, football, fast cars, a hurricane, foreboding Pacific cliffs, professional assassins, good cops, bad cops - all bring an end that even MacKenzie could not expect to his story. And we learn along with him, why the house he dwells in may be the true home he was seeking all along.


[ Told in three parts.  383 pages. ]



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