Readers Comments


"Next time there is a hurricane, I want to be at Mac's house... with Mac of course. Besides being unbelievably romantic, I need to hear the rest of his story. Good story Drew. It takes you into this kind of classy, chic, sexy ambience, with bits of humor, and INTRIGUE. You feel comfortable in Mac's world, it's cool, relaxing, yet... you feel there is more...that is what keeps you interested, wanting more. OK, I am not a book critic, or whatever they are called... just plain me, sitting here late at night, wanting to say... I LIKE IT!"

Danielle A.


"I finished your book about a week after we got it, and you know I don't have spare time! I really liked it. Really really. Part three was rather surprising, and seemed more than a little dark, but it was a very good read."

Jonathan C.


"From Warm to Deadly Sea is a page turner! I am left hanging on a limb."

Margaret M.


"I think your novel is wonderful. The situation is intriguing, the characters are believable (and likeable), and I am

wanting MORE story."

Joana P.


"You ruined my entire weekend! I couldn't put your book down. I'm glad you finally finished it. Don't change a word. The story is intricate and balanced as a chess game, with each move receiving an equally clever counter move. The writing is crisp and the characters come alive, in an interesting conclusion, with the various plots knotted together with an adept hand. Simply put, your novel is captivating and deserves to be read. Can I get tickets to the movie premiere?"

Joseph F.


"I could not put this script (sic) down! With your permission, I would like to show it to some people for a movie or a mini-series."

Sandra W. (Emmy Award winning writer)


"Simply delicious! We fought over it. My husband wouldn't give it up until he stayed up all night to read it. Two nights in a row, I couldn't sleep until I finished it. Then I was sorry it ended. We want more!"

Jannet L.


"I didn't expect this of you. Everyone says they've written a book. But until now, I haven't met one who will be published. My wife and I are still arguing over the ending! "

Javier L.


"This was so romantic. And you got the Chinese family situation exactly right. How did you know that?"

Sun Chi W.


"I just finished reading your book. WOW. I feel like someone who has just had a taste of the best dark chocolate and now the sweet treat has been taken away. I didn't want it to end. A hurricane is about to hit Boca and two lovers are being torn apart because of some mysterious event about to unfold. What a tease! What an ending! By the way, I love your characters... especially Conor. And you weren't kidding when you said you really captured the essence of how gals think, feel and talk to each other. Besides the "Barbie and Ken wavelettes"...I really liked the way you described April's tears drifting over her high cheekbones. Gary, you are a talented writer and I look forward to many more of your novels to come."

Deb M.


"Yes, Mac is not a typical character where you would follow him from adventure to adventure. But...experiencing his "life" story makes you want to experience more of his life. Let's face it, his life story is incredible and he's only 42. But I want more! Really though, it was a great story. And I am so glad you shared it with me. I know that you haven't written a sequel to this so, that I do hate."

Kristen H.


"Just finished the book. Cried like a baby on this beach. Gary write another one. Really really a lovely book to read. So impressed."

Charmel C.